What To Know About Graphic Design

What To Know About Graphic Design

Only a few careers in the world require mostly dedication for people to be successful in them.

The few careers often require a good education background, ability to work hard and the willingness to learn to be successful in them.

These few careers require great passion and they include nursing and medicine.

However, there are a few professions that require mostly passion, dedication and some talent.

These professions include all creative professions like graph design.

We can say that the graphic design can simply be defined as the process of visual communication and problem solving through the combined use of images and text.

The field of graphic design involves the use of illustration, typography, and photography. It’s also commonly referred to as the visual expression of an idea, concept or message.

Graphic design is considered a sub-genre of the field of communication design and visual communication.

The graphic designers are capable of producing and combining pictures, text, signs, and symbols to create a visual representation of messages and ideas.

Graphic Design Usage

Graphic design is commonly used in areas such as editorial design (in newspapers, books, and magazines), advertising, signage, web design, product packaging, corporate design (for branding and logos), and communication design and environmental or wayfinding design.

Another thing, graphic design is a very essential tool that improves the method of communication between people.

It provides another method of conveying ideas in a manner that is very beautiful and also very effective.

How To Become A Graphic Designer

There are three steps to follow if you want to be a graphic designer and succeed in it.

These steps include:

First: Collectiing information

This is the first step to take if you want to become a graphic designer and it is considered one of the most important steps. This step involves the collection of relevant information about the graphic design profession. In this step, it is important to find out:

  • What level of training is required?
  • And what their potential annual income is?
  • What is the nature of the profession?
  • Also, what kinds of career opportunities are available for them?

The information needed to get the answers to these questions can be gotten on the internet or by interviewing industry experts for first-hand insights.

This information can also be gotten from admission consultants and career counselors.

Second: Getting The Right Qualification

The second step to follow in order to be a graphic designer involves getting the necessary qualification for the profession.

There are a few things that are important to know about graphic design in order for you to apply for the right graphic design program.

Being a graphic designer requires more than just creativity. Graphic design also requires other skills such as business knowledge and computer skills.

The required qualifications for graphic design involve expertise in the use of computer software programs and different design tools.

The profession of graphic design often involves the proper understanding of client requirements and the target audience, but it also involves proper business knowledge.

This is why it is so important to select a graphic arts degree that will give you the solid foundation that you will need for business principles, web design techniques, and computer skills.

Another Point for Graphic Designers

Although it is very possible to become a professional graphic designer with just a short term professional certification in graphics arts, it will definitely improve your marketability if you have a college degree in graphics art.

Most universities and colleges often provide two students with two graphic arts programs which are a Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts and design and an Associate degree in graphic arts and design.

An Associate’s degree in graphic arts and designs will provide graduates with the qualifications required for assistant graphic designer positions from which they can work their way higher.

The minimum qualification required for most advanced and entry-level graphic design job is a Bachelor’s degree.

Third: Get Experienced

In recent times, it has become particularly more challenging to get good positions in huge organizations with just academic achievements.

However, employers in huge organizations have taken it upon themselves to search for candidates with hands-on industry experience with the proper academic credential.

This is is particularly true in the creative industry like the field of graphic arts and design.

Successful Graphic Designer

So, if you are planning to become a successful graphic designer, you will need more than just a college degree or certificate.

This is why it is essential that you start building a portfolio very early in order to improve your chances of getting a great position in the job market.

That’s why some universities or colleges have decided to provide the students in their graphic arts and design program with externships for them to start building their portfolio in graphic design while they are still in college.

However, if your college or university does not provide that kind of program, then you can look for a media or software company that will give you a free intern position.

This process will not just provide you with essential lessons that can be learned on the job in graphic design; it will also help you make contacts for future purposes.

When you are done with this process, you should be fairly comfortable working independently, so you should try and get some freelance assignments even if you have to do it for free.

This is important in order for you to create an amazing portfolio that will have a better effect in the graphic art and design profession than getting straight A’s does for people in other professions.

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