Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

$125,00 - $250,00

The Regular Price is: $250/Platform. | Hot Offers Now!

FaceBook, Instagam, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn.

1 20%$200,00
2 25%$187,50
3 30%$175,00
4 35%$162,50
5 40%$150,00
6 45%$137,50
7 + 50%$125,00
Social Media Marketing$125,00 - $250,00
$125,00 - $250,00

When social media starts to feel like a chore, it can be time for a change. Social media is an important part of the marketing strategy of successful people.

If you're looking for even better and interactive posts, check out our a new SMO way to create engaging social media posts. We'll create a social media strategy that works best for you.

The service includes:

  • Social media profile optimization.
  • 20 posts that drive engagement. HQ images included.
  • Posting time: depends on the time zone of your targeted location.
  • Hashtag research. (30 hashtag).
  • Keyword Research.
  • Social signals.
  • Insights Analysis.

The price is for (ONE) platform, and there will be an additional fees in two cases:

  • If you are planning to combine the package with SEO and your website.
  • Ad Ons.

So, contact us before ordering.